Fob Factory Made a Pullover From Iconic G3-Loom Raw Selvedge Denim

The FOB Factory F2384 G3 Denim Pullover is back in stock at Redcast. We wanted to feature this beauty back in May but it sold out instantly and we’ve been waiting on the re-stock ever since.

Inspired by denim pullover shirts of yore, FOB Factory’s updated take on the underrated classic is far superior to its predecessor, thanks in part to it being engineered to fade and fall apart like all of our favorite denim pieces. It’s also because of that Japanese craftsmanship we love so much, we’re not just talking about the sewing part of the process, there’s also the fabric-milling part.

It’s all about this Toyoda G3 shuttle-loomed denim, the G3 being a vintage shuttle loom, which produces highly textured denim at a much slower rate than most modern looms. You already know that we’re about to say “ages like a dream”. It’s funny ’cause it’s true. Vintage-style denim fades beautifully into a soft heap of indigo-dyed goodness that you’ll be cherishing for years.

The Denim Pullover gets pulled over your torso and buttoned up with a handsome and durable metal collar button placket. It features a single rivet-reinforced chest pocket with selvedge detail, rivet reinforcements galore, selvedge hem (not sure we’ve seen that detail before), chain stitched side seams and reinforced yoke, button-adjustable cuffs, and a FOB Factory leather patch.

Available for $194 ($174.60 for Heddels+ Subscribers) from Redcast Heritage.