Freewheelers’ S601XX is Based Specifically on Levi’s from 1944-45

Like they were pulled out of an old trunk in the attic for the first time in decades, Freewheelers has reproduced a pair of Levi’s issued in the dying embers of WWII for your wearing pleasure. And surprise surprise, they look timeless.

Made from 14 oz. denim, the specially woven fabric features long-fiber cotton goodness that was woven with low tension, resulting in an uneven thickness and unique surface texture. To the outside observer, this could be a nightmare, but it’s this character that helps make these jeans as period-correct as possible, transporting them back to the days when the originals were being worn.

In addition to superiorly nuanced repro denim, details like thick rivets, a donut fly, and HBT pocket bags – a practice used by Levi’s during the war, using excess HBT from military uniform production. However, it’s the cut of these jeans that really says something about where Levi’s tailoring was at the time. Though run of the mill today, the silhouette of these Freewheelers jeans is based on a Levi’s mid-40s cut, aka an early example of the ‘modern straight fit’. Maybe this is what allows classic designs to stand the test of time.

Before signing off though, it would be a crime not to highlight the tanned deerskin leather patch which is starting to pucker due to the one-wash treatment that has finished the jeans. Now that is attention to detail.

Available for $376 from Corlection.