Studio D’Artisan Midare Kasuri Denim Jacket

The Studio D’Artisan Midare Kasuri Denim Jacket proves that few are doing such high-level, interesting denim as well as the Osaka 5 denim label. Heck, few are doing kasuri denim in general, and that makes the brand’s focus on novelty fabrics — as well as their core line of formidable denim classics — remarkable.

What we’re looking at here is a 100% cotton 14oz. “random” kasuri selvedge denim, featuring varying length cotton yarns throughout, creating slub, texture, and pattern. On top of that, SDA used beige reinforcing stitching throughout, a la Boro-style repair. SDA continues to successfully mash classic Japanese techniques of fabric processing with iconic American silhouettes, and what we’re left with is something that you just don’t see anywhere else. SDA has been killing the “interesting fabric” game for years now.

The jacket itself is a reproduction of a Levi’s Type II Denim Jacket, with all the accouterment – dual flap closure chest pockets, reinforcing pleats on the front, metal button front placket, button adjusting cuffs and hem, reinforced front and back yokes, and standout texture that will only get better with time.

Available for $305 from HINOYA.