Sugar Cane’s Stonewashed 1953 Type II Denim Jacket is Scarily Realistic

Sometimes you visit a vintage store and there is the most perfectly faded example of a vintage denim blouson, like a Levi’s Type II, hanging on the wall in all its splendor. To purchase such an example you will need to take out a small loan, but there’s no need. Sugar Cane is back with more denim goods with a scarily realistic wash, this time in the form of its 1953 Type II Aged Stonewash.

Whatever laundry Sugar Cane is using to develop this wash is practicing some sort of sorcery. The jacket literally looks like it was found in a time capsule from the late 1950s. Roping, puckering, subtle elbow honeycombs — and even patina to the metal buttons — this piece looks like a vintage example, and a top-class one at that.

Each jacket is made in Japan using the dual-pocketed silhouette of the classic Levi’s Type II from 1953 and comes in 14.25 oz. stonewashed denim that has no shrinkage.

Available for $295 from Franklin & Poe.

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