Step into POLARTEC with Stonemaster’s Latest SM Pants

Did you know that Gramicci founder Mike Graham — one of the most influential climbers of all time and original member of The Stonemasters — has another brand, aptly named Stonemaster? No, neither did we. But these Stonemaster SM Pants caught our attention and now we’re a little bit obsessed.

This issue of  Stonemaster’s SM Pant is made from 100% polyester POLARTEC 200. The term 100% polyester doesn’t scream ‘quality‘ but the popularity and reputation of POLARTEC speaks for itself — warm but not stuffy, soft to the touch, quick-drying, and easy to care for. And if it’s good enough for Mike Graham, it’s good enough for us.

The SM Pant itself is a loose-tapered pant inspired by the climbing styles pioneered by Gramicci, Manastash, and the Stonemasters themselves back in the day. That means a belted waist, a separate crotch panel for improved mobility, and an overall roomy fit that you’ll find yourself wanting to climb into every day.

Available for $143.50 from Haku Clothing.