Warehouse & Co. Reproduced 1930s Super Dux Hunting Jacket

If you didn’t know or care, old hunting jackets are all the rage in the ‘true vintage’ space with rarer brands, unique design details, and unusual fabrication making for some pretty sweet eye candy. Near the top of the list amongst diehard collectors and dealers is early Super Dux stuff – Carhartt‘s line of hunting garb. And it doesn’t get much better than their early 30s, catalog essential hunting jacket featuring all the bells and whistles of the time in addition to waterproofed fabric. Too specialized for its own good, the Great Depression did not help with sales of this jacket making them a rare bird then, and rarer still now.

But funny enough, what people may or may not admit is, that the neck tag itself is what raises the collectiblity here. Now unless you have an original  — which, if you do, hit me up — getting to experience this scarce style would be pretty difficult. Luckily for you, our friends at Warehouse are very considerate. So considerate, in fact, that they’ve gone ahead and created an exacting replica of said hunting jacket for discerning consumers to enjoy, guilt-free. So whether you use those flap ‘n game pockets for shotgun shells and ducks or car keys and wallets, the selvedge broadcloth sulfur yarn-dyed cotton fabric, corduroy collar, original nut buttons, and contrast stitching won’t judge.

Available for $590 from Hinoya.