Burgus Plus Takes it Back to The Roaring 20s with Its 928-XX Cinch Back Jeans

Straight off the dusty shelves of the Dry Goods store that has been closed for the last 95 years comes the 1928 Cinch-Back Model 928-XX Jeans from Burgus Plus. Coming ‘atcha in Natural Indigo, these jeans have the details that stack up with original antique pairs but a look that is miraculously adaptable to the modern day.

Made from a 14 oz. raw selvedge denim that has been rope-dyed with natural indigo, the white weft makes for a beautiful blue hue that will become brighter and more nuanced with wear and washing. Coming in a straight-leg fit and closed out with a Deer Leather Patch with cloth tag, high buckle-back cinch, and leather-reinforced rivets, what makes these jeans so interesting is that instead of simply being a reproduction of an original pair, the goal was to push the design to new places. Denim evolution in the best possible sense.

So whether paired with a work shirt, sack coat, and boots for a look right out of a real-photo-post-card to a more casual approach with a sweatshirt and sneakers, the great thing about a timeless pair of jeans is that it can course correct, no matter which direction you want to go.

Available for $205 from Hinoya.