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Fade of the Day – Iron Heart 633S-II (6 Months, 12 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Iron Heart 633S-II Before

Before. Courtesy: Self Edge

Caleb Eggelston from California brings us some indigo x indigo love for today’s featured fade, a hearty pair of Iron Heart 633S-II‘s. It’s unusual to see a pair fade like this in such a short time span, but everyday wear coupled with frequent washing has sped the fading process up considerably. His honeycombs are light, contrasting with his front pockets which have developed some clearly defined lines.


  • Name: Iron Heart 633S-II
  • Fabric: Indigo x indigo Japanese selvedge denim
  • Weight: 18oz.
  • Fit: Straight
  • Other features:
    • Button fly
    • Tonal indigo arcuates
    • Super-Duper-Thick Leather Tag
  • Available for $350.00 at Self Edge