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Freenote Cloth’s Winter-Ready Mackinaw Jacket

Looking for a durable, reliable, and handsome overcoat? Well, Freenote Cloth‘s Mackinaw Jacket might be the ticket your after. Or maybe the tickets you’re after are Hamilton tickets.

A sturdy overcoat with a storied past, the Mackinaw (or ‘Mac’) has been on the American frontiers for centuries, and is perfect for cold and wet weather. Freenote Cloth’s water repellent British Plaid interpretation includes a satin lining and shearling collar for added protection against the elements. Functional features include an interior pocket and sleeve cinches while leather accents on the pockets and buttons add a sense of refinement to what is traditionally a utilitarian piece.

Take a closer look Freenote Cloth’s Winter-Ready Mackinaw Jacket selling online for $750.