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Feit Steps Onto the Court with Their Court Low Sneakers

I honestly thought it was all going to wane a bit more by now, but the simple ‘n clean casual sneaker has continued to hold its ground well into 2017. It’s no real surprise though, they’re easy on the eye and effortlessly work into any wardrobe. Even the cheapest options don’t look half bad.

Common Projects is the brand most people associate with the more upscale end of the clean sneaker spectrum, but, among the more luxe options, there are plenty of others out there — especially if you’re the type that prefers to rock something a bit under the radar. Or, perhaps, you just don’t want to be caught in the same kicks Kushner is wearing.

Feit, a brand quite literally built for this simple ‘n clean moment in footwear, has thrown the gauntlet down with their new Court Low model. They specialize in making shoes with one-piece uppers and just from looking at these sneakers, I can imagine the likely pep talk that took place in the studio prior to the design process:  “They want minimal, people. Minimal. Well I’ve got news for them. WE ARE MINIMAL! [heads to white board] A single-cut leather upper that gracefully fades into the sidewall, CHECK. A nearly non-existant zero drop sole, CHECK. Luxurious materials nobody’s even heard of [senior designer circles ‘semi-cordovan’ on the chalk board] CHECK. No B.S. psudeo-branding… CHECK. Now get to work people…I want to see the sneaker Deiter Rams dreams about in his sleep.”

$540 and their yours, at Feit.

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