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Beat Up Iron Heart’s Overdyed Modified Type III Jacket and the Fades Will Literally be Black and Blue

If you’re still wearing your denim this summer (and, you should) and want a jacket to match, then the Iron Heart TypeIIIBSP-14 Overdyed Modified Type III jacket may be perfect for you. Weighing in at 16oz. after the overdyeing process, the selvedge denim will bring tremendously nuanced fades. The jacket has been dyed with a “fugitive pigment dye” that is unstable and will fade from black to indigo in high-stress areas.

It comes off the rack with many classic Type III jacket details, but has been lengthened a touch and has two hand pockets added. Although it’s made from unsanforized denim, the overdye process has taken care of the shrinkage.

Available for $415 at Selfedge.