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Indigofera 8oz. Black x Black Denim Ryman Western Shirt

The Western shirt comes in a few flavors, but at the moment, you can whittle it down to two main camps: novelty piece or second skin — heavy and durable enough to even stand in for your jacket on occasion. While more affordable, the former tends to showcase design choices and manufacturing that tends to leave much to be desired. And the latter can be exorbitantly priced, while really only acting as a functional garment for a few months of the year, depending on location.

Offering a ‘lil of this and a ‘lil of that, Indigofera smartly slides right in the middle, with their 8oz. Black Denim Ryman Western Shirt. The fabric, from Kochi Mills, is lightweight enough to be comfortable through the warmer months, yet still functional as a mid layer through colder months.

Between the double black denim and the fit of the shirt, it shares the look of many of its more expensive counterparts without making you cringe as you fork over that credit card to your haberdasher. Now, to spend those saved bucks at the saloon…

Available for $249 at Standard and Strange.