FDMTL’s Indigo MA-1 Jacket Uses Reflective Ink

It’s a tale of two jackets here, but it’s really only the best of times for this one. While East-meets-West and hi-tech-meets-low-tech are both commonplace nowadays, it’s not often that someone tries to unite both concepts.

To make their recently released Indigo MA-1 Jacket, FDMTL—champions of making contemporary garments that lean heavy on the textiles and fabrication found in traditional Japanese garments and utility fabrics—used a reflective 3M fabric outfitted with a sashiko-like pattern at the sleeves, which they juxtoposed against an indigo-dyed brushed cotton body that’ll fade away with with time, wear, and exposure to sunlight. And thus, high- and low-tech were married.

Made for the colder months, the jacket utilizes authentic 3M Thinsulate lining for heat retention, has a two-way universal zipper, and is made in Japan.

Available for $585 at Blue Owl.