Fade of the Day – Potpourri Press Pill Box (~40 Years)

Most items you have in your home won’t be around in 40 years, making today’s Fade of the Day that much more impressive. This Potpourri Press Pill Box comes to us from Dean Thorne in Mississippi and he has been using it for close to 40 years himself. Much like the gnome on the lid, this little box is resilient.

We didn’t get any details on how he came to own it or what it has been used for, but we know it has been tended to. Tin is susceptible to denting and crushing, but the tin on this pill box has maintained it’s original form quite well. There is some great patina on both the exterior and interior, from slight scrapes and chips in the paint to mild rusting. The colors of the paint still pop and the imagery and typography has much old world charm.

It’s always a welcome sight to see things survive in the way this pill box has, and it makes you wonder what other gems people have been holding on to and using out there–send them to us!