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Fade of the Day – Viapiana Custom (~3 Years, 1 Wash)

Are you tired of blue jeans and looking for some variety in your fade viewership? Don’t worry, Zak Wagner of Colorado came through for today’s Fade of the Day with a pair of Viapiana custom jeans in beige to help mix things up.

When Zak gets tired of the same old indigo-dyed jeans in his life, he wears these Viapiana customs to mix things up. As a result, these obviously haven’t received as much love as his indigo pairs, but in just three years, this pair of brown jeans has gotten some unique fades. There is plentiful whiskering, albeit subtle because of the dye’s light hue. There is some nice honeycombing too. Zak says he likes the way they are fading so much he might take them off the bench and add them into the main rotation.

You can follow Zak Wagner on Instagram.