Chamula’s Double Cuff Beanies Use Local and Purebred Mexican Sheep

Perhaps best know for Yuketen, Yuki Matsuda’s Meg Company also includes Mexican inspired brand Chamula, which offers beautifully intricate and handcrafted footwear and knitwear. In this case, we see a solid offering for the colder seasons by way of the Double Cuff Fisherman Beanie and Double Cuff Fair Isle Beanie.

The Fisherman Beanie is made from merino wool which is sourced from 100% locally raised purebred sheep from the Mexican Mountains. Featuring cable knit sides with a double ribbed cuff, each beanie is entirely handmade by Mexican artisans. So much so that each beanie comes with a unique tag with the name of the maker. Available in chocolate and ivory, the Fisherman beanie is a solid staple which deserves to be in your winter rotation.

Similarly, the Fair Isle Beanie takes cues from the traditional woven patterns of Northern Scotland and merges them with the vibrant and eye-catching colors of Mexico. With the Fair Isle pattern woven into an ivory or brown heather body, these beanies are a subtle flex but fitting nod to tradition.

Available for $68 from Stag Provisions.