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Kapital’s Compressed Wool Scarf Snakes Round Your Neck

Since moving back West, I’ll likely never have to wear a scarf again, but my editor David has to, and he swears by the signature comprised wool of Kapital’s scarves.

Even in a niche of fastidiousness and inventiveness, Kapital often takes the cake. Their gorgeous Weaving Snake scarf is painstakingly knit with a snake weaving its way through a bed of flowers. Yes, like all Kapital goods, this piece will definitely draw some stares, but what’s most important is what’s under the hood. Their compressed wool is exceptionally soft and their scarves are just plain big, perfect for burrowing into for that next nasty storm.

You’ll certainly fall in love with this scarf, so keep an eye on it when you’re in the subway or the coat-check…. someone (me) might just accidentally walk off with it.

Available for $270 from Unionmade.