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Gitman Bros. Vintage Green Satin Regimental Stripe Camp Collar Shirt

Gitman Bros. Vintage is coming in hot with this Green Satin Regimental Stripe Camp Collar Shirt. To quote our Features Editor when he saw this; “Bada bing!”. If Tony Soprano was looking for a sophisticated yet casual number to accompany his favorite bowl of spaghetti at his local Italian joint, this piece would a solid choice.

Made from a green satin cloth comprised of 62% cotton and 38% Tencel, this Gitman Bros. number features a straight hem and button-down construction. It comes styled in a relaxed fit with a camp collar, so all you have to do is pair it with a nice white loopwheeled t-shirt and a stern mobster-stare and you’re all set.

Available for $195 at Lost & Found