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oRslow References Vintage Army Shirts With Its Denim Used PW Pullover Shirt Jacket

orSlow‘s PW Pullover Shirt Jacket is a perfect example of how a garment can transcend its utilitarian roots and nestle itself comfortably into the modern wardrobe.

Based on the US Army work uniform of the 1930s, this doozy denim number is a classic ‘pop over’ shirt with two large chest pockets and button front. Coming in a one wash vintage ‘used’ finish and made from mid-weight Japanese denim, this eye-catcher looks like it could have been pulled out of a military archive.

With replica US Army branded buttons adorning the half-placket, it’s a design that has been imitated countless times over the years, but never bettered. But orSlow has done what it does best and put its charming stamp on it, and that’s more than enough to make us happy.

Available for £325 (~$405USD) from Kafka Mercantile