Stag Provisions Hangs Up Curated Gift Stockings

Stag Provisions’ Gift Stockings are not the stockings you grew up with as a kid. Instead of oranges and chocolate coins, these sock-shaped care packages are here to help you embrace the outdoors and self-care.

Whether a pandemic hobby or a long time obsession, the Outdoors Stocking gives you the energy you need to get through the terrain with its caramel and pecans, a copy of How To Stay Alive In the Woods to make sure you reach a safe and cozy place to rest, and incense to light once you get there. Also included are gum and a first aid kit for if something goes wrong along the way.

The Grooming Stocking on the other hand is here to remind you that even though you haven’t left your apartment for 3 weeks, it’s important to maintain somewhat of a beauty routine for those Zoom meetings. Or maybe even Zoom ….dates? Featuring all the treat yo self details you could ever want like a eucalyptus deodorant, old-timey lip-balm in a tin, soap that won’t sabotage your skin, a natural bristle shave brush, and even a hand made freaking comb.

Stag has thought of the whole package, so you don’t have to.

Available for $78 at Stag Provisions