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Clutch Cafe Snaps Summer ’21 Lookbook

Lookbooks are kind of like warm bread at a restaurant in the sense that there’s basically never a time I don’t appreciate one. And also in the sense that I don’t see them enough anymore, and also in the sense that the ingredients for a good one are almost always in the kitchen and also in the sense that it has to be catastrophically bad for it to not add some value to the overall experience. Anyways, I wish more stores did lookbooks*, so I was thrilled to see that Clutch Cafe put together an absolute heater.

(*I also wish more restaurants served bread with inexplicably cold butter, but this isn’t the venue for that grievance).

Featuring some of their local customers in pieces from brands like Full Count, Belafonte Ragtime Clothing,Soundman, Mister Freedom, Tailor Toyo,Warehouse & Co.,Jelado,Sun Surf,Yuketen,Paraboot,  and Orgueil, this breezy, slice-of-life, two-part lookbook manages to function as an impeccably curated catalog* and a manual for executing easy summer layers and summer footwear. And because they had each of their models put together a playlist, it also unexpectedly serves as a great source of new music—which makes it unimpeachable, scientifically at least.

(*I’m sure this isn’t an environmentally sound wish, but bring back catalogs. I don’t know who’s in charge of this, but it’s time. When it comes to actual joy of consumption, catalogs are superior to anything that’s come after—a Blockbuster situation, if you will. I know they’re sometimes in physical retailers or whatever, but that’s not a catalog, that’s a free souvenir. I’m talking about opening a mailbox and shit.)

Want standouts? Let’s do some standouts. Those wide-legged Salt Shrunk Nylon Track Pants from KUON would go hard without the Boro floral trim, but they have that trim, so they’re basically a wearable mushroom cloud. Also, that pleated Wizard of Oz orange Soundman Havana Shirt would look great in like four decades (and probably more than that, honestly, but I just stopped testing the theory).

And because we all should be more into short-sleeved jackets, the Coherence Vernon III S Blouson should get use in three seasons—peep those hand warmer side-seam pockets—without getting too creative; the navy blue Corb II Overcoat from the same label is, from what I can gather, a perfect overcoat; and the double-pleated Tino Shorts shorts will probably occupy a Chrome tab on my computer for the next two months.

Elsewhere, it’s hard to be mad at either of the featured Sun Surf aloha shirts — don’t have much to say, they’re just good ones — and that pullover Mister Freedom Longshoreman Shirt is going to look better every single time it’s worn.

You can check out Part I and II over at Clutch Cafe

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