Treat Your Denim Jacket To This Kapital 3D Embroidered Pin Badge

Upgrade your pin game with the Kapital Rain Skull Kapital 3D Embroidered Pin Badge. You might have a skull pin, but do you have a skull pin with double the eye sockets, and a snake wrapped around it? Didn’t think so. This netsuke-inspired design has been given the Kapital touch with a doubling of the eyes, a motif that Kapital has explored with their iconic ‘rain’ smiley.

The Rain Skull design is 3D embroidered, so it’ll be a nice and textured touch to your denim trucker jacket, or sling bag, or patchwork pants. Get creative and get a little crazy, this is Kapital we’re talking about. Coming in two colorways, the pins are made in Japan and measure 6 x 5 cm.

Available from Blue In Green for $99