Fade Friday – Grease Point Workwear Work Jean (1 Year, 5 Washes)

Who would have thought that fixing ATMs would pay off when it came to raw denim? Well, obviously Tom over in Milwaukee, because he’s worn his Grease Point 16 oz Nihon Menpu Work Jeans to work every day doing just that, and he’s achieved screaming fades in just a year and 5 washes.

The wear is dramatic and the contrast is high. The glowing knee craters will catch your eye, pull you in then WHAM!  Go north and you’ll see some super worn in and washed out blue hues which push the limits of double-layer denim technology. And although the tour ends with fleeting whiskers, the real story is the overall symmetry. Very easy on the eyes.

Travel to the other hemisphere and you’ll find honeycombs on honeycombs on honeycombs. A never-ending loop of lines that look so deeply rooted, you might think they’ve been around since pre-historic times. But once again, only one year of damage, making it a formidable Indigo Innovational entry.

Check out Tom on Instagram @milwaukees.tim.sauceman