Support The Skatepark Project With Ginew’s Warm Springs Skate Park Tee

Native Americana brand Ginew has teamed up with Tony Hawk’s The Skatepark Project to help fund a redesigned skatepark on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Central Oregon with the Warm Springs Skate Park Tee Shirt and Bandana. The Skatepark Project aims to provide low-income communities with skate parks, which is one of the coolest causes we’ve ever heard of, and we’re guessing a lot of people feel the same – so get involved.

Artist Steven Paul Judd made the design featured on both the Tee and Bandana, which pays homage to the Warm Springs community benefiting from the forthcoming park, as well as a certain well-known Skateboarding publication that you might have heard of…

The Warm Springs Skate Park Tee and Bandana are all Made and screen printed in the USA with 100% cotton fabrics.

Available now at Ginew.