Fade Friday – Earthygenova Lynx 15 oz. Superdeep Indigo (9 Months, 1 Wash)

Not sure if Ade in Indonesia is a pro at Adobe or something because their fades are looking straight photoshopped — in the best way. The cleanest crease lines, the most satisfying gradients. Every ridge is perfectly raised like a 3-D topographical model. Actually, forget Photoshop, these are AI-generated or something – the culmination of thousands upon thousands of fade pics combined into a near-perfect pair.

Made by underrated Indonesian label, Earthygenova, these Lynx 15 oz Super Deep Indigo jeans surely lived up to their name and put up a good fight against our fierce competitor. But even they were no match after a 9-month battle in the fade-inducing broiler that is Indonesia.

That’s right, not only are these a poster child for quintessential indigo-aged goodness, but these were done before Q4. Not even a full year and they look better than some pairs ever do. And the secret? Just wear ’em every day at work and beyond. You know, just casual full-on dedication. The Southeast Asian climate doesn’t hurt either. Oh and I didn’t even mention the most nuts part, they didn’t get their first wash until the 9-month window was up! Another 9 months and some more trips to the bathtub and these could be up there with some of the best fades we’ve seen out of Indonesia.

You can follow Ade on Instagram @aidisays