Mohair Cardigans – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your sweater rotation there is no better way than with a mohair cardigan. They’re soft, have great texture, and are just an all-’round great layering piece. You’ll be familiar with the images of Kurt Cobain rocking a mohair cardigan during  Nirvana’s famous MTV Unplugged set, but in truth, mohair cardigans are for everyone – from grunge rockers to office stiffs. Make the style your own.

This season designers went a little mohair crazy, and that means we have a lot to choose from for this edition of Five Plus One.

1) Beams Plus: Cardigan Stretch Mohair Orange


Beams Plus has seriously dialed in their knitwear in recent years. Their Cardigan in Stretch Mohair is made from a 59%/28%/13% mohair/nylon/polyester blend, which offers all the great texture of mohair with the added durability of synthetics. Each one is knitted in Japan and comes finished with ribbed cuffs and hem, a button front closure, and two patch pockets.

Available for $464 from Lost and Found.

2) Jelado: ‘Cobain’ Mohair Cardigan Latte


If you’re into super hairy mohair then Jelado‘s Mohair Cardigan is an awesome choice. It’s made in Japan from a 65%/30%/5% mohair/nylon/wool blend and features a relaxed fit, a diamond pattern, and two integrated hand pockets. If you want a fun layering piece with texture for days, this one should be up for consideration. We reckon the fashionistas of Hoth have got this one under their arctic gear.

Available for $475 from Clutch Cafe.

3) The Real McCoy’s: MC19103 JM Mohair Cardigan Flamingo


Not all mohair cardigans are incredibly hairy. The Real McCoy’s JM Mohair Cardigan is an excellent option if you want an ultra-soft mohair piece that’s a bit smoother, but still has that cotton candy texture when you look closely. This colorway makes that comparison very easy to visualize.

This made-in-Japan cardigan features a 80%/20% mohair/wool blend and features almost invisible hip pockets, cat eye buttons, and ribbed cuffs/hem.

Available for $603 from Lost & Found.

4) Trophy Clothing: Mohair Knit Cardigan Dark Purple


Another option if you’re interested in a less-hairy mohair cardigan is Trophy Clothing‘s new Mohair Knit Cardigan. It’s another sweater that has the great comfort of mohair while minimizing the crazy texture it often has. It’s made from a 38%/37%/25% mohair/nylon/wool blend that maximizes both warmth and durability, and the rich purple hue is a measured statement.

Made in Japan and finished with beautiful decorative edges and custom shell buttons, this piece is truly worthy of a place in any knitwear collection.

Available for $443 at Redcast Heritage Co.

5) Needles: Mohair Cardigan ‘Olive’


Needles‘ Mohair Cardigan is an objectively beautiful piece of knitwear, but if you’re a fan of the oversized style then it’s flapping its butterfly wings outside your window.

Made in Japan, each of these Needles sweaters features a 55%/30%/15% mohair/nylon/wool blend that’s soft, warm, durable, and visually stunning. With its ultra-fluffy texture, this isn’t what I’d call an understated sweater — but it wouldn’t be Needles if it was. 

Available for $339 from Hatchet Supply Co.

Plus One – Kaptain Sunshine: Brushed Wool Mohair Cardigan – Green


Most cardigans feature V-neck collars, so Kaptain Sunshine‘s use of a point collar on their brushed Wool Mohair Cardigan sets it apart nicely. It’s another loose-fitting cardigan, this time made in Italy from a 55%/35%/10% Mohair/Nylon/Wool blend, and it’s as hairy and textured as any mohair sweater you’ll find.

Coming in a charming kelly green colorway, this one is easy to pair with your raw denim jeans, an oxford shirt, and some loafers or kicks.

Available for $482 from Wallace.