Levi’s and Google are Set to Release Their Smart Denim Commuter Jacket

Trigger warning: if you already think that the government is watching your every move through daily technology use, this jacket may not be for you. However, if you embrace the ever-changing times and are excited for the face-scanning capabilities of the new iPhone, check out the latest collaborative piece by Levi’s and Google (yes… Google) — the Smart Trucker Jacket, a casual denim jacket on the outside and anything but on the inside.

This piece of wearable technology is the trendy younger cousin to the slightly overambitious Google Glass, and features smart microfibers that allow users to connect to their smartphones and control them with various gestures and movement commands. With this jacket, you can make calls, play music, and even send texts, though there’s no guarantee that you won’t get funny looks from passersby.

Tech features aside, the smart jacket features reflective accents, stretch fabric at the shoulders, ventilation, and some added length for extra coverage while on the move. Love it, hate it, send your crush a heart emoji with it… it doesn’t really matter, because it’s coming soon.

Available at Levi’s.