Fade Friday – Wingman Rover 14 oz. (~3 Years, 2 Washes, 2 Soaks)

How many people have wingmen they can wear? Christian in Indonesia has been fading his 14 oz Wingman Denim for just under 3 years and they’re yet to fail him. Worn everyday to campus, hanging out, or going anywhere and doing anything, (kinda clingy?), but I suspect one stop along the way must be a top-secret fade lab because this wear is ridiculous.

The whiskers fade into oblivion as they meet sun-bleached thighs but come back stronger than ever around the knees. Back of the thigh is the same song and dance – indigo population: zero. Oh, and I’ve just been violently reminded that cellphone fades are a thing after snapping out of the trance those honeycombs had me in.

We’re used to seeing wild fade submissions from South East Asia, but this pair reminds me why I don’t get bored of writing about them.

You can find Christian on Instagram @christianputrap