Sage’s 13oz. Light Indigo Rover Denim Jeans Have Got Their Slub Sideways

Summer approaches and with it comes a wonderful excuse to buy more jeans you don’t need. If you want something light-weight and a lighter shade of indigo, then perhaps Sage has something that may interest you.

Hailing from Indonesia, Sage is perhaps best-known for their super heavy-weight denim offerings, but their latest pair is quite a bit lighter. Sage’s 13oz. Light Indigo Rover Jeans have all that you could ask for in a pair of Summer denim. They weigh in at a respectable, but still comfortable 13oz, and the light color of the indigo accentuates the slub of the fabric. Though you might expect some vertical streaking, all of the slubbiness is packed into the weft, so you’ll get more of those slubby fades horizontally. Other features include hidden rivets, and although they aren’t selvedge, they are finished with a scallop stitch.

If you’re on the fence, take a look at the price. This summer could turn out well after all.

Available for ~$52 from Sage.