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Fade of the Day – Rootdiggers MTO Orange Selvedge (6 Washes, 2 Washes, 1 Soak)

There comes a point in the life of every pair of raw denim jeans that you start to see the sign of great fades to come. That’s exactly what we have for today’s Fade Of The Day, with this pair of Rootdiggers MTO Orange Selvedge jeans submitted by Dimas Indra Pramana of Indonesia. It’s all about the details on these—a ‘made to order’ pair especially for Dimas, with a cinch back and orange selvedge ID.

Dimas has broken these jeans in nicely over the last six months, wearing them whilst motorcycling. A strong wear pattern has set in, and we can see the beginnings of some whiskers and honeycombs, with some creases forming on the inner thigh as well. Two washes and one soak have helped soften them for the journey ahead, too.

There’s a lot of promise in these Rootdiggers, and, with enough time, I’m sure Dimas will achieve some more Indonesian super-fades.

You can check out Dimas on Instagram.