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BDD Spins Up Black and Blue Selvedge Canvas Fatigues

Harkening back to the classic straight cut and roomier silhouettes of the 40s, Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) are offering a heritage inspired fit with some modern accents. Made from an 11.5oz. Berto Blue Selvedge canvas, the fabric is a 2 x 2 with an indigo dyed warp and black weft.

Perhaps lighter weight than to be expected, the fabric still offers durability and a tough handle. Starting with a purple hue, it will fade to a deep blue over time due to the high concentration of indigo. The B-02 Straight features a high rise and shaped waist, offering more room and additional movement in the top block.

With a silhouette that gives added comfort from the get-go, combined with a unique fabric and fatigue-pant profile, this is exactly what we’ve come to expect from BDD. With selvedge accents on a hidden sixth pocket, contrast blue stitching, a cowhide leather patch and bespoke back pocket design, these are ideal if you’re looking to rock selvedge in the summer months but not lose out on that patina.

Available for €199 (~$228) at Benzak Denim Developers.